Mobile Meat Shop

When the Canadian Rangeland team was approached by Rob in the fall of 2020, we quickly realized we shared a similar vision: providing opportunities for people to gain access to high quality, sustainable protein products!
In dealing with the uncertainty and stress that the pandemic has brought about for everyone, we do not want shopping for proteins to be one of those stressors. Similar to the idea behind Rangeland Premium Steaks, we are providing yet another way to make it easier for consumers to enjoy healthy, tasty, and exclusive meat products!
The Mobile Meat Shop will strive to establish relationships with customers and Rob and the Mobile Meat Shop vangain an understanding of what they want and need to feed themselves and their families. Our goal is to turn your meals, not only into a time of nourishment but also a time of joy and fulfillment!
We are very excited to introduce you to the Mobile Meat Shop! Keep your eyes out for the Mobile Meat Shop travelling across Western Canada and bringing the finest in a variety of 100% Canadian proteins…directly to your door!

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