Cooking Tips

Bison is less insulated than beef due to the lower fat content.  Prepare Bison 50 degrees F lower than you would with beef, and you can interchange your favourite recipes while eating healthier automatically.


Due to the lower fat content, marinades soak in very efficiently for a broad array of flavours.


Cooking situations

Cook at 275 - 325F Cook for same time as your favourite beef recipes Ensure a source of moisture in the oven (marinade, pan of water on lower rack). Medium rare is achieved at an internal temperature of 140 - 150F

Put the steaks on the grill right out of the fridge Start with lower temperatures than you use with beef Shorten your usual grilling by 20-30% to achieve your favourite results Don’t be afraid to brush a bit of butter or oil on there, you’re still eating less fat!

Shorter cooking time required than beef Start with a lower heat to get familiar with the Bison

Expect less shrinkage than other meats Shorter cooking time